Skyuka Hall recognizes that each child has an individual learning style. They work with the child's style. They do not try and make the child fit the mold.

- LM


In today's society, we are led to believe that brilliance only exists within a defined boundary. Too often our children are trapped within these walls and never realize their full potential or beauty. They are crushed under societal expectations that they were never designed to fulfill. Is the rose any more beautiful than the wild flower? Just like the wildflower, God made my son beautiful. He isn't like anyone else, and I love that about him. Skyuka Hall embraces those differences. They don't tell my son who he should be; they provide the best environment to help him grow into who he is made to be.

- HH


With much trepidation we changed schools this year. The school our son previously attended was simply not set up to accommodate those that fall outside of the “mainstream.” I can honestly say that in just 2 short months I already see more progress than I've seen in him in the last 3 years. The staff at Skyuka Hall is beginning to figure out how he learns and what motivates him. Not once this year have we spent 2 hours on homework. Thank you Skyuka for giving us back our family evenings.

- SB


Skyuka Hall has been a miracle for our family. They have dedicated their time and love to each of the children and parents. Our daughter has soared academically since first starting. She has also blossomed in areas of socialization. I could not imagine being a part of any other school Their staff is attentive, well educated, and truly care for the children. The school feels more like family than just another institute.

- Anon Parent Survey Response