Skyuka Hall

The name of a school should truly inspire the future. It should excite parents, students and the community at large, bringing to mind visions of unbridled creativity and irrepressible spirit. To accomplish such a goal, the school known as Scenic Land was renamed Skyuka Hall. Fun to say and brimming with possibility, Skyuka Hall encapsulates the school’s mission to identify and cultivate the individual gifts of its students.

Reflective of Chattanooga, Tennessee’s rich Native American history, the word Skyuka is indicative of the resourcefulness of the Cherokee people. Specifically, it calls to mind the creativity displayed by the Cherokee in their formation of a distinct and original language, their commitment to their people, and their collective ability to face obstacles.  The name Skyuka Hall embodies the Cherokee spirit of opportunity and compassionate community.  

Skyuka was a Cherokee Chief in command of the Chickamaugas who fought John Sevier on the northern end of Lookout Mountain on September 20, 1782 (the Last Battle of the American Revolution). Skyuka Springs at the western base of Lookout Mountain (along the National Park Trail system) was named after him.

Skyuka Hall is ten times the size of its predecessor, Scenic Land School, and is the fastest growing school in Tennessee.