Confidence. Courage. Conviction.

Each day at Skyuka Hall is an opportunity for the social and spiritual development of each student. By developing leadership skills through events, speaking opportunities, and interactions, the Dean of Students works to build Skyuka Hall students with confidence, courage, and conviction. Students are excited to earn different levels of responsibilities within the Levels System by meeting goals of personal independence, responsibility and involvement.  The students, the Dean of Students, and all Skyuka faculty collaborate to achieve these expectations.

Sam and Teresa Bryant Leadership Program

The mission of Skyuka Hall is to foster individualized academic,social, physical, and spiritual development in each unique learner. To further accomplish this mission, on February 3, 2017, the service and leadership program at Skyuka Hall was dedicated to Sam and Theresa Bryant of Hixson, Tennessee.

This program has been created in honor of the legacy of leadership and service provided by Sam and Theresa Bryant. The school seeks to provide students opportunities to develop necessary leadership skills through community service and other associated activities. The students of Skyuka Hall will continue to serve the residents of Morning Pointe Assisted Living, where Mrs. Bryant serves as executive director, to grow relationships, facilitate compassion, bestow kindness, and work toward serving a global community.

The Bryant Service and Leadership Program will promote the continued bond between Morning Pointe and Skyuka Hall as well as other organizations in the community. The program will foster a sense of caring and responsibility exhibited by the Bryant family. Skyuka Hall students will take these experiences and move forward globally to impact more lives. Skyuka Hall thanks the leadership and residents of Morning Pointe for its willingness to participate in this program and the Bryant Family for their selfless contribution to launch the program.