Dress Code

We expect students to dress in a way that promotes positive student morale, school spirit, and is demonstrative of the high personal standards expected of all students. As part of our social development, dressing appropriately for all occasions is important. The uniform code applies to all school functions unless otherwise indicated. This includes all off-campus field trips unless otherwise directed.

Articles of clothing may be purchased at parents discretion. We recommend Lands End at the link below and Educational Outfitters on Gunbarrel Road for monogramming, monogrammed items, and uniform items. Please call school for details.

Lands End School Store

Please type in Skyuka Hall to find our items

  • Jumper/Dress: Khaki, grey, black, or navy blue
  • Polo Shirts: Blue, navy blue, carolina blue, grey, or white collared polos
  • Blouses/shirts: White or navy blue oxfords in long or short sleeves
  • Pants/shorts: Khaki, grey, black, or navy blue
  • Skirts: Khaki, grey, black, or navy blue
  • Sweatshirts: Navy blue, carolina blue, white or grey sweatshirts that are free of design with the exception of Skyuka Hall sweatshirts
  • Shoes: Any closed-toe or flat shoe, toes must be protected for safety
  • Special Event Wear: Will be announced for special days
  • Coats: Any color of coat may be worn              

Skyuka Hall Apparel Store

 Each semester, Skyuka Hall offers an online store for families to purchase Skyuka Hall apparel. 

Skyuka Hall Apparel Store

  • Collared tops are dress code compliant and may be worn to school. 
  • T-shirts may be worn for approved dress down days or physical education courses. 
  • Shorts may be worn for physical education courses.