The Traditional Way 

In traditional classroom settings, students are placed in a particular grade by age, and all of the students are working toward the same standards and concentrating on the same skills. This sounds like a good idea, but we all realize that children develop at different rates. One student might excel in reading, but have difficulty in math. This leaves a child working “below grade level”, but being addressed with only “grade level” instruction. Imagine the frustration a child might feel when the class is learning division, but he hasn’t yet really mastered subtraction. This situation can create “holes” in foundational skills which tend to continue throughout a child’s schooling. Students have difficulty moving forward until prerequisite skills are mastered. Likewise, a student who has mastered subtraction at a young age might be stuck in a traditional classroom working on the same old thing, resulting in boredom and disinterest in learning.

The Non-Traditional Way 

In a Skyuka classroom, each student's education is personalized to ensure a strong foundation.  Skyuka Hall has created Color-Band Standards for Lower School. These standards eliminate the grade level labels that are hindering students potential and replace them with a series of colors through which the students progress. Students work through these standards and move on to the next color when they are ready. Parents will be provided a list of standards at progress report time that shows the particular skills their children are working on. This makes it easy to track progress in a specific way, and it allows students to progress at their own rate of development.