Bridging the Gap: Skyuka Hall Summer Academic Program

where the SKY is the LIMIT!  Build success into your student's summer curriculum!

Skyuka Hall's summer program provides a unique opportunity for students that need remediation and/or acceleration in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.  Each class will give an entry assessment, maintain on-going data collection and each student will receive an end of the camp report to make parents aware of their child's level of proficiency.  Teachers will create a plan for each student based on their weaknesses and strengths.  The students will them receive intensive, specific instruction unique to that child.

A student's day includes both Bridging the Gap Reading and Bridging the Gap Math.  Program dates are Monday through Thursday, June 4 through June 29, from 8:30-12:00 pm. 

Bridging the Gap Summer Program is $1200 for all four weeks. A $400 Registration Fee will be collected during the online registration process. This $400 goes towards camp cost leaving you a later invoice of $800.  

See program descriptions below.  Click HERE for Registration Form.

Questions? Email camp director Ashley Moore at [email protected]

The Bridging the Gap summer reading program uses our unique approach to education to re-mediate, accelerate, and fine tune student's reading fluency.  Our specially trained educators identify will identify areas of need in reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and decoding skills.  They will also identify each student's needs in spelling, handwriting, grammar, composition and written expression.  They then create a differentiated, individualized, plan to move that student forward.  Parents will receive a detailed report at the beginning of the summer letting them know their child's current levels of proficiency and then they will receive an end of the summer program report that will detail the skills and concepts covered to re-mediate and/of accelerate their student's progress.  

Whether your student needs remediation or acceleration this program is the perfect summer time reading program to erase summer lag from your student's break!  

Here, the Skyuka Advantage is found with our trained professionals evaluating a student's current level of mastery and then working to move each student to competency in all areas of mathematics, numbers and operations, algebra, data analysis, word problems, geometry and fluency. 

Whether your student needs remediation or acceleration, this program is the perfect summer time program to erase any deficit your student may be experiencing during the summer months.  They will be math prepped to begin the new school year.

Spots are limited to six per age group; reserve your spot today! REGISTRATION FORM