Pack Pride Meeting

Our next Pack Pride meeting is Thursday, May 4, at 6:00 pm . (PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME).  We are so fortunate to have as our guest speaker, Shelton Chambers, CPA, JD, a Senior Manager at Eliott Davis Decosimo. She will discuss how to use Skyuka Hall tuition and other education related expenses as a potential deduction on your taxes. 

Please click here for her full resume. If you plan to join us, please click here to send an email and let us know. 

Teacher Appreciation Week Flyer

May 11 Field Day

Field Day at Skyuka Hall will be all about water. Please send clothes that can get wet as well as a towel and sunscreen with each child since we plan to be outside from 9 am - 2 pm. Each child will also need a change of clean clothes to go home.  We are also looking for 20 parents to give us one hour on this day to help make sure Field Day goes smoothly.  Click here to sign up for an hour and someone will direct you on Field Day to the activity that needs supervision.