The proof is in our scores.

Students attending Skyuka Hall for two years showed marked improvement in state testing scores from year one to year two. The average gain in TCAP Reading/Language Arts was 32 points; in Math, 28 points; and in Science, 24 points. The majority of Skyuka Hall students taking TCAPs in 2015 were Proficient or Above Proficient in all areas. Indeed, in 2016, upper school math scores grew 25% or more for each student!

How Skyuka Does It:

You will hear us talk about our mission quite a bit at Skyuka Hall: Skyuka Hall is dedicated to providing individualized learning experiences within a community that enables students with learning differences to develop academically, physically, spiritually, and socially with confidence, courage, and conviction.  

Every curriculum decision made is weighed against our mission, with our students' best interests at heart.  Whether it is the planning of school trips, the hiring of a Dean of Students, or deciding which math programs work best for which students, our mission is our guiding star.  

Skyuka's student to teacher ratio is 8:1.

The GoMath platform or the Discovery Education platform for science and social studies may not mean much to you as a parent making school choices, but what will matter is that each and every decision we make in educating your child has your child's learning difference and needs at the forefront. Once enrolled at Skyuka Hall, Skyuka's team (the Academic Dean, Head of School, and all the teachers) will design an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child.  This is not a stagnant evaluation. Your child's IEP will change and grow as your child changes and grows. Great communication between this team of educators and your family is essential to the success of our students.  

Students at Skyuka Hall also develop outside the classroom, through community service projects, field trips, Grandparents Day, and visits from special guests, such as the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra and the Mayor of Hamilton County.  Fine arts, physical education, and technology are also valuable parts of our students' days.  

Each student at Skyuka Hall uses an iPad to supplement classroom lessons.